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  • LINQ to Z3 – Theorem Solving on Steroids – Part 1

    Introduction It’s way too long ago I wrote about this side-project of mine, as I got side-tracked by other stuff both inside and outside the realm of LINQ (more about that some other time around). Last time, I showed how to put “the query pattern” to our hand by providing an implementation for the Where...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 09-27-2009
  • LINQ to Z3 – Theorem Solving on Steroids – Part 0

    Introduction Last time around in this blog category we looked at using Z3 for testing satisfiability of simple Boolean logic expressions. Obviously Z3 is capable of doing much more, so this time we’ll reach out to the domain of integer value arithmetic. Not only that, last time I subtly hinted how this...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-19-2009
  • Exploring the Z3 Theorem Prover (with a bit of LINQ)

    Introduction Today I’m going to deviate from the typical path of mainstream technologies I normally cover and enter the domain of research instead. But very interesting and active research, with lots of practical implementations it turns out: theorem provers . A little story first. I guess it should...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-15-2009
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