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  • Coding Webcast - C# 3.0 introduction in depth

    Time to introduce C# 3.0 now! In this coding webcast, we'll discover the features of C# 3.0, including: - the var keyword - extensions methods - lambda expressions - queries - easy initialization of types The webcast is 45 minutes in length and pretty low-level. No Visual Studio tools are used (only...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 10-12-2005
  • Coding Webcast - Introducing LINQ

    Heard about LINQ already? LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is one of the most exciting announcements made on the PDC earlier this year. Instead of writing long posts about it right now, let's just show you by means of a coding webcast. More stuff will follow pretty soon, explaining the C#...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 10-11-2005
  • Arrived at the PDC - LA

    Okay, pretty late notice due to internet connectivity problems at the hotel, but I arrived at the PDC in LA a couple of days ago after a 11:40 hours flight from Amsterdam to LAX airport. Luckily, I'm not suffering from a jetlag, but I guess that has to do with my lack of biorithm :d. On Sunday I took...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 09-13-2005
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