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  • What Do VB 9.0 Error “BC36593: Expression of type ‘X’ is not queryable.” And C# 3.0 Error “CS1936: Could not find an implementation of the query pattern for source type ‘X’.” Really Mean?

    While preparing for another one of my posts, soon to be published, I received the following: What can one do when observing such a message? Since watching a grown man cry is both a pathetic and embarrassing situation, downloading the language specification is a good start. Here are my findings. Section...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 08-20-2008
  • The Most Funny Interface Of The Year … IQueryable<T>

    Recently I delivered a talk at TechEd South Africa on “Custom LINQ Providers”. This is a very broad topic to cover in barely 60 minutes especially if one has to explain pretty “abstract” pieces of art like IQueryable<T>. Apparently I managed to do so looking at the scores <g>. But why is...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 08-15-2008
  • TechEd 2008 South Africa Demo Resources

    Last week, I had the honor to speak at TechEd 2008 South Africa on a variety of topics. In this post I’ll outline all of the resources, including uploads of all my demos, referred to during my presentations. But before I do so, I sincerely want to point out what a great audience I got. Thanks to everyone...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 08-09-2008
  • C# 3.0 Feature Focus – Link Collection

    Collecting a few of my posts for easy quick reference: C# 3.0 Feature Focus - Part 1 - Local Type Inference C# 3.0 Feature Focus - Part 2 - Object Initializers C# 3.0 Feature Focus - Part 3 - Collection Initializers C# 3.0 Feature Focus - Part 4 - Extension Methods C# 3.0 Feature Focus - Part 5 - Lambda...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 08-09-2008
  • 1.To(3) - Ruby-style Internal Iterators in C#

    External or internal? C# introduced the concept of iterators in C# 2.0 but it's a less-known fact that there are two sorts of iterators. The ones provided in C# are so-called external iterators . The distinction lies in the party that controls the enumeration of the iteration, e.g. public IEnumerator...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 07-05-2008
  • Dealing with anonymous types in Reflection.Emit

    A few days ago I got an interesting question from one of my blog readers. During my blogging battle with pattern matching , I mentioned the concept of compiling expression tree lamdas on the fly to IL-code. This is actually one of the core parts of the System.Linq.Expressions implementation when expressions...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 06-04-2008
  • Q: Is IQueryable the Right Choice for Me?

    Introduction Recently I delivered a session on Custom LINQ Providers - LINQ to Anything at the TechDays conferences in Ghent and Lisboa. The core of the session focuses on expression trees and translating those at runtime into a query language like CAML or LDAP (as the running samples). In this approach...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-27-2008
  • The Return of the Pattern Matcher - Sample Code Available

    It's been a while since I continued my series on a functional pattern matcher in C# . I finally found some time to extract the simplified pattern matching code from the bigger project I'm working on and cook up a downloadable documented sample. Without further delay: here it is . It contains...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-26-2008
  • Pattern Matching in C# - Part 8

    In the last handful of posts in this series we've been looking at ways to match a whole set of patterns, including: Constants Objects Lists and arrays Dictionaries There's not that much left to apply (meaningful) matches for (feel free to think of others of course) so from this post on, we'll...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-16-2008
  • Pattern Matching in C# - Part 7

    In our last encounter on the pattern matching mission we covered techniques to match T[] and List<T>. Today we cover another type that's being use a lot: dictionaries (the generic brothers of Hashtable which you could match too, exercise ). I've already shown an example of such a match...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-15-2008
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