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  • Taming Your Sequence’s Side-Effects Through IEnumerable.Let

    Introduction Side-effects don’t fit together very well with functional-style delayed computation, as observed in LINQ. Having such constructs embedded in an otherwise eagerly evaluated imperative language like C# can cause quite some confusion from time to time. A few samples (due to Erik Meijer) of...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 09-12-2009
  • Type-Free Lambda Calculus in C#, Pre-4.0 – Defining the Lambda Language Runtime (LLR)

    Introduction A while back, I blogged about (Mis)using C# 4.0 Dynamic – Type-Free Lambda Calculus, Church Numerals, and more which was a fun post and got some good feedback and solid reading numbers. So, let’s continue our journey of brain-exploding theoretical foundational posts with “The Revenge of...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 08-30-2009
  • Memoization for dummies

    Introduction We’ve been talking about functional programming quite a bit already. One of the things used frequently in functional programming is recursion, instead of imperative loop constructs. Both have their advantages, but often recursive techniques can cause significant degradations in performance...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 10-21-2008
  • “The C# Programming Language Third Edition” and thoughts on language evolution

    With a hypothetical next release of the C# language around the corner (more about that after Anders, our language Caesar, has delivered his “Future of C#” talk on the PDC 08), I’ve had the honor to receive an early print of The C# Programming Language Third Edition . As you can guess, this book is the...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 10-19-2008
  • 1.To(3) - Ruby-style Internal Iterators in C#

    External or internal? C# introduced the concept of iterators in C# 2.0 but it's a less-known fact that there are two sorts of iterators. The ones provided in C# are so-called external iterators . The distinction lies in the party that controls the enumeration of the iteration, e.g. public IEnumerator...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 07-05-2008
  • The Return of the Pattern Matcher - Sample Code Available

    It's been a while since I continued my series on a functional pattern matcher in C# . I finally found some time to extract the simplified pattern matching code from the bigger project I'm working on and cook up a downloadable documented sample. Without further delay: here it is . It contains...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-26-2008
  • Pattern Matching in C# - Part 8

    In the last handful of posts in this series we've been looking at ways to match a whole set of patterns, including: Constants Objects Lists and arrays Dictionaries There's not that much left to apply (meaningful) matches for (feel free to think of others of course) so from this post on, we'll...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-16-2008
  • Pattern Matching in C# - Part 7

    In our last encounter on the pattern matching mission we covered techniques to match T[] and List<T>. Today we cover another type that's being use a lot: dictionaries (the generic brothers of Hashtable which you could match too, exercise ). I've already shown an example of such a match...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-15-2008
  • Pattern Matching in C# - Part 6

    Monday morning: The Return of The Pattern Matcher. After an awesome weekend (well, a Saturday at least) plenty of sun here in Seattle, we'll dive into even more pattern matching fun. This time around we'll investigate ways to match collections. Last time we wrapped our heads around ways to match...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-14-2008
  • Pattern Matching in C# - Part 5

    Remark: Some readers have asked me for the sources of all this magic. Since this series is based on an extraction from a bigger project and I'm composing the decoupled (and slightly simplified) pattern matcher as I'm writing these blog posts, the source isn't in a publishable condition yet...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-11-2008
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