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  • .NET Remoting with Windows authentication

    The problem statement An application is running as a service with the (fictional) identity BACH\svcuser and hosts a .NET Remoting type which is published in SingleCall mode. Users of the client application are logged on to the same domain and are authenticated using their own account (e.g. BACH\bart...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 08-26-2006
  • Build a sandcastle today - download the CTP

    Sometimes codenames are just funny. Sandcastle seems to be one of these. So what's in a name? You know both C# (since version 1.0) and VB.NET (since version 8.0 == 2005) support XML comments to document (the public parts of) your code. That's a great thing, but what you end up with is a just a big chunk...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 07-30-2006
  • AppDomain Shadow Copy explained

    Introduction The last couple of days I've been playing around with some stuff around WCF (formerly known as Indigo for the people who've been living on Mars lately). Instead of hosting stuff in IIS I decided (for no specific reason whatsoever) to take up the hosting stuff foreseen by WCF and to host...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 07-29-2006
  • MD5 and SHA1 File Checksum Calculcator

    So here's a new tool for my personal toolbox: a simple MD5 checksum calculator for files, written in .NET 2.0. The little "open Visual Studio 2005 trigger" story: A friend of mine reported a problem with his Vista Beta 2 installation which reported corruption, so the obvious first check was to calculate...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 06-23-2006
  • Some hot releases

    Rather calm on my blog lately due to a high workload. So, let's give a little overview of some recent hot releases that are worth to check out in case of some spare free time. This summer, I'll try to put some more serious posts on the web over here. Here we go: First of all, there's of course Windows...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 06-22-2006
  • NETFX3.COM - The .NET Framework third generation (formerly called WinFX) + IIS 7

    Formerly called WinFX, the official name of the piece of software art is now called .NET Framework 3.0 . The technology is based on .NET Framework 2.0 and bundles the following next-generation internet-enabling technologies that are considered key pillars of the Vista wave (but will be available for...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 06-13-2006
  • Custom MSBuild tasks

    Introduction I guess most of my blog readers are familiar with the new build system in .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. In the past, project files were only consumable by Visual Studio .NET. Today, project files (which are XML-based) are VS-independent and can be used to build the project using MSBuild...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-13-2006
  • The difference between readonly variables and constants

    Just saw a little piece of code where one has been messing up those two concepts of readonly variables and constants. So, what's the difference? Let's take a look. Readonly variables Take a look at the following piece of code: public class ReadOnly { private readonly int r = 1; //variable initialization...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-04-2006
  • CLR exception handling from A to Z - Everything you didn't want to know about try-catch-finally-fault-filter

    What is it? The principle of exceptions is a pretty easy-to-understand way to report exceptional situations to the consumer of a piece of code. Instead of using (artificial) HRESULT return values like this was the case in the (COM) past, exception handling is an object-oriented way to cope with exceptional...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 04-04-2006
  • Talking about System.Security.SecureString

    Introduction Within a couple of weeks, our series of MSDN Security Evenings will go on air at various locations (see for more information). It's pretty clear developers care about security (maybe just not enough yet) and so I received...
    Posted to B# .NET Blog (Weblog) by bart on 03-31-2006
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