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Before on “The M Programming Language Tales”: The M Programming Language – Part 0 – Intellipad, MrEPL, VS2008 project support and Excel integration The M Programming Language – Part 1 – Structural Typing The M Programming Language – Part 2 – Collections...
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Last time in this series, we looked at M’s structural type system , pointing out the differences compared to nominal type systems and why structural typing has its benefits when dealing with data. Obviously there’s more to data than types: we need containers...
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Welcome to the first real post in my new series on the M Programming Language. Last time, we bootstrapped ourselves by looking at the tool spectrum available in the Oslo SDK. If you haven’t read through it yet: The M Programming Language – Part 0 – Intellipad...
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Introduction As promised in my previous introductory post on “Oslo” and “M” , I’ll be running a new language-focused blog series, this time about the modeling language “M”. In this first installment, our goal is to become intimately familiar with the...
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Introduction Last year at the PDC , we announced the modeling platform “ Oslo ”. It’s one of those technologies I’m extremely thrilled about, for various reasons. The mission to reduce the impedence mismatch between humans and computers is a huge one...
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