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I've been posting two times already about the advantage of Google over MSN Search when it comes down to "speed to access it". Check out these posts on The damn big advantage of Google ... it's easy to navigate to in IE (+ countermeasure) MSN Toolbar ...
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Yesterday I took a look at my blog visitor stats through the admin pages of my blogging engine and remarked a huge peak on my post about Vista Beta 1 installation instructions for Virtual PC . Well, it seems that the really good search engines out there...
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Personally, I'm not a huge fan of "tabbed browsing", but as a bunch of people think this is feature number one of today's browsers, Microsoft has finally provided an answer for this. So, here it is: tabbed browsing in IE. Download the brand new release...
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In the previous post I blogged about the general techniques to communicate with MSN 7.0 to change the personal message. In this blog post I'm going to take it a little step further, by writing an Outlook 2003 add-in that updates the MSN personal message...
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MSN Messenger 7.0 introduced the notion of a personal message, a small message that's not poisening your nickname if you want to share something with your contacts. Quite a lot of people are using this nowadays to put their favorite quote over there or...
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