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The November 06 Month Report

Yet another great (well, at least in my opinion) month of Daily Blogging. Once more, feedback from readers has been great, so keep it coming. Let's start with an overview of some blogging highlights. If you haven't read those, you should do it now :-).

This time Windows PowerShell was in the spotlight quite a bit starring the following posts:

and a couple of posts on using the Windows Vista APIs in managed code with C#:

Another series that seemed quite attractive considering the statistics focused on the Internet Explorer 7 RSS Platform:

Besides the blogging activity, let's not forget about the TechEd Europe conference I attended from November 5 to November 18. Great times to get to know people and to get to know others better during nightly parties, sometimes running till 5 AM. Personally, my TechEd was full of PowerShell ATE work with lots of great questions and not to forget great conversations with Jeffrey Snover himself on the booth. It was the same bit of technology that brought me the Speaker Idol victory with a live - here's the magic word again, insider joke for some fellow Belgian community members - coding demo on how to write a Windows PowerShell cmdlet in 5 minutes. Thanks again to the Belgian audience that came to see and support me.

Later this month I joined INETA Europe:

November was a great month too on the field of Microsoft releases with Windows Vista RTM, 2007 Microsoft Office System RTM, Windows PowerShell 1.0 RTW, Exchange 2007 and much much more. To all MSDN Subscribers, time to bring internet traffic to the next level!

On the technical side, I moved to another host last month (as reported earlier) and I was pretty amazed to see the stats of the generated traffic to my blog. Last month, you all downloaded almost 18 GB in 814544 server requests, 4357 distinct files and all of this to 28333 distinct hosts. On the average, 14548 page requests (i.e. excluding .jpg, .gif, .zip, etc) are made per day, with a peak yesterday of 20637 page hits. All of this is depicted in the two images below (can someone explain why Thursday is such a popular day?):


So, what will next month bring? The answer: quite a bit of great technical posts again. However, daily blogging will be suspended temporarily due to other priorities from December 17th till February 19th. Due to the interactive nature of my blog lately, I decided it's better to have daily blogging on when I can guarantee a prompt follow-up, and that will be from half February on again. Nevertheless, in the meantime posts will keep coming but on a less regular basis and likely of a more meta-blogging nature.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog. More cool stuff soon!

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