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The October 06 Month Report

One month after the start of the Daily Blogging Mission I'm happy to see I survived yet another month: "a post a day keeps the ... away". And again the comments and feedback have been great, so thanks everyone for the active participation. Furthermore, I'm proud to be re-elected as an MVP on Visual C#. Needless to say, the Daily Blogging Mission is part of my commitment for this MVP year. But the community world isn't only about acronyms of course: it's great to obtain the new string(new char[] {0x4D, 0x56, 0x50}) title, but the more important thing is to spread the word and help people in discovering new technologies and working with existing ones. Last but not least, I want to thank the people at Microsoft Belux to put me in the spotlight on www.msdn.be last month.

Some highlights of last month include another series of blogposts about Windows Workflow Foundation:

I hope you really enjoyed reading these articles as much as I did in writing it. Beside my personal interest in .NET FX 3.0 (and WF as one of the core pillars), the big stimulans to write these kind of lengthy tutorial fashioned posts is my thesis research activity at UGent on dynamic and generic workflows. This month I reached a next milestone in this research, dealing with dynamic workflow instrumentation and various performance-related tests. I can't tell very much about it yet, but stay tuned for regular updates.

Technically, there has been an upgrade of my blog to CommunityServer 2.1 (better late than never). Once more a decent job of Telligent with this release. And not to forget: Internet Explorer 7 has been released last month, so allow me to congratulate the IE team with this release. Check out the Channel 9 "Internet Explorer 7: The Browser. The Team. The Tour." series of posts.

Next month, blogging will continue on the same basis but with a slight difference: from November 5 to November 18 I'll be in Barcelona for Microsoft TechEd Europe. It's my goal to report about TechEd adventures during these two weeks, instead of the typical technical daily deferred posts. However, deferred posts are already online for the weekends, i.e. November 5, 11, 12 and 18. Nevertheless, lots of great stuff will be presented at TechEd and you'll hear from it through this blog as well as through the Virtual Side. During TechEd, I'll be on the Ask The Experts booth (schedule will be posted later on), so feel free to jump in for questions or a chat. And make sure to come and see me at Speaker Idol too for a 5 minutes presentation :-). For the first round at TechEd Developers, I'll be on stage on November 8th somewhere between 12:30 and 13:30. And for TechEd IT Forum my first round presentation will take place on November 14th in the timeslot from 19:00 to 20:00.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog. More cool stuff soon!

Bart De Smet - 10/23/06 - 8:14 PM

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