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C# Quiz - Nullables, enums, casts and conversions

Time for another C# Quiz. Thanks to Gregory Young to be the trigger for this quiz via the C# MVP private mailinglist a few days ago.

New quiz policy

  1. There are no prizes to win :-)
  2. The answer to the quiz will be published in a few days on this blog
  3. The code snippet is posted as an image to avoid copy-paste-csc problem solving sequences; code will be posted in the "answers post"
  4. Comments are disabled on this post (it won't be disabled on the "answers post") in order to ensure individual problem solving

Code snippet:


What's the output of the code snippet above when compiled with the C# 2.0 compiler and executed on the .NET Framework 2.0? Why does it produce that output?


Will be available on this blog on October 10, 2006.

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