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Windows Vista RC1 - Why I'm a happy man: CTRL-SHIFT-F9 has gone!

You might recall my earlier blog post on this very issue. Pre-RC1 Vista did intercept the CTRL-SHIFT-F9 key combination to enable/disable Aero. Now make an imaginary context switch to your favorite IDE (Visual Studio 2005 that should be) and press CTRL-SHIFT-F9 (typically at the end of debugging session).

I entered feedback on Microsoft Connect some time ago (in the 5472 timeframe) which was closed as "Not Reproducible"; you can imagine the feeling I had. So, I sent a short mail to someone at MS Corp asking for additional review of some "Non repros" and "Won't fixes" that made me sick (won't reveal the name over here to avoid mail flood :-) - suffice to say he's working on the Windows division and isn't at the bottom of the hierarchy) which was answered promptly. Worked out pretty well obviously. So thanks Mr. X.

My tip to everyone test-driving Windows Vista: if something is just bad, wrong or negative in some way or another, just tell the Microsoft folks via Microsoft Connect. You can help to make the difference, without doubt.

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# re: Windows Vista RC1 - Why I'm a happy man: CTRL-SHIFT-F9 has gone!

Friday, September 08, 2006 12:21 PM by Ericva


Thats great news, I remember reading the post thinking it was rediculas, and basically deciding not to upgrade to Vista any time soon ...

RC1, here I come ..