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SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition CTP

A few days ago, Microsoft released the first CTP of SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition, the successor to SQL Server CE. You can download it over here, as well as the mandatory Books Online that accompany every SQL Server release :-). Check out the SQL Mobile blog as well, on

So, what's in a name. Basically, SQL Server Everywhere is targeted at smart devices (Pocket PC 2003, Windows CE 5.0 and WM 5.0 based devices) as well as Tablet PC s, and provides a compact but feature-rich database engine. By means of subscriptions, it's possible to synchronize this (off-line) database with a "big brother" in SQL Server 2005. Furthermore, the product is free to redistribute with your applications (which can be automated using VS2005 features such as ClickOnce).

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